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Elmer Bernstein (1922 - 2004)

Japan LP Nippon Columbia YS-737-UA

France EP United Artists 36 104 UAE

1966 ハワイ  Hawaii

Director: George Roy Hill. / Julie Andrews, Max Von Sydow, Richard Harris.

(Japanese LP)

Side ASide B
1. Main Title Including Themes1. Hawaiian Welcome
 "Hawaii" and "The Wishing Doll"2. Quiet Harbor
2. Prologue3. Sailors and Women
3. Hawaii4. Keoki's Tragedy
4. Pastoral Letter5. "Abner" Including Reprise
5. Abner and Jerusha "The Wishing Doll"
6. Malama's Death6. Promise Kept

(French EP)
Side ASide B
1. Hawaii1. Bienvenue en Hawaii
2. La tragédie de Keoki2. Abner - The Wishing Doll

Composed & Conducted by Elmer Bernstein.
Orchestrations: Jack Hayes, Leo Shuken.

Great Britain LP United Artists SULP 1106

1965 ビッグ・トレイル  The Hallelujah Trail

Director: John Sturges. / Burt Lancaster, Lee Remick, Jim Hutton, Pamela Tiffin.

Side ASide B
1. Hallelujah Trail (orchestra & chorus)1. Denver Free Militia (orchestra & chorus)
2. Overture2. Whiskey, Love and Temperance
3. Stand Up, We'll March to Denver3. We Will Save
4. Stolen Booze4. Which Way Did They Go
5. The Battle of Whiskey Hills5. Down, Down, Down
6. The Chase6. Hallelujah Trail (orchestra & chorus)

Composed & Conducted by Elmer Bernstein. Lyrics by Ernie Sheldon.
Orchestrations: Jack Hayes, Leo Shuken, Fred Steiner.

Australia LP MGM 02 984

1964 大いなる野望  The Carpetbaggers

Director: Edward Dmytryk. / George Peppard, Alan Ladd, Carroll Baker, Bob Cummings.

Side ASide B
1. The Carpetbaggers1. Main Title from The Carpetbaggers
2. Love Theme from The Carpetbaggers2. New Star
3. Speak of the Devil3. The Producer Asks for a Divorce
4. Forbidden Room4. Jonas Hits Bottom
5. The Carpetbagger Blues5. Finale

Composed & Conducted by Elmer Bernstein.

U.S.A. LP United Artists UAL 4107

1963 大脱走  The Great Escape

Director: John Sturges. / Steve McQueen, James Garner, Richard Attenborough.

Side ASide B
1. Main Title1. Betrayal
2. Premature Plans2. Hendley's Risk
3. Cooler and Mole3. Road's End
4. Blythe4. More Action
5. Discovery5. The Chase
6. Various Troubles6. Finale
7. On the Road

Composed & Conducted by Elmer Bernstein.
Orchestrations: Jack Hayes, Leo Shuken.

U.S.A. LP äva AS-20

Germany LP MGM 009015

1962 アラバマ物語  To Kill a Mockingbird

Director: Robert Mulligan. / Gregory Peck, Mary Badham, Philip Alford, John Megna.

Side ASide B
1. Main Title1. Tree Treasure
2. Roll in the Tire2. Lynch Mob
3. The Search for Boo3. Footsteps in the Dark
4. Jem's Discovery4. Children Attacked
5. To Kill a Mockingbird5. Scout & Boo
6. Summer's End

Composed & Conducted by Elmer Bernstein.
Orchestrations: Leo Shuken, Jack Hayes. Musician: Ethmer Roten (flute).

U.S.A. LP Choreo AS-4 ST

1961 荒野を歩け  Walk on the Wild Side

Director: Edward Dmytryk. / Laurence Harvey, Capucine, Jane Fonda. Anne Baxter.

Side ASide B
1. Walk on the Wild Side1. Night Theme
2. Somewhere in the Used to Be2. Walk on the Wild Side Jazz
3. Hallies Jazz3. Dove
4. Rejected4. Kitty
5. Doll House5. Oliver
6. Terasina6. Reminiscence
7. Finale

Composed & Conducted by Elmer Bernstein.
Orchestrations: Jack Hayes, Leo Shuken.
Musicians: (saxophone) Jack Dumont, (guitar) Tommy Tedesco.

U.S.A. LP Capitol W 1109

1958 走り来る人々  Some Came Running

Director: Vincente Minnelli. / Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Shirley MacLaine, Martha Hyer.

Side ASide B
1. Prelude1. Live It Up
2. To Love and Be Loved*2. Tryst
3. Dave's Double Life3. Seduction
4. Dave and Gwen4. Smitty's Place
5. Fight5. Rejection
6. Gwen's Theme6. Pursuit
7. Ginny7. Finale
8. Short Noise

Composed & Conducted by Elmer Bernstein.
*Music & Lyrics by Sammy Cahn & James Van Heusen.
Orchestrations: Jack Hayes, Leo Shuken.
(bass) Abe Luboff, (cello) Alex Alexander, (clarinet) Gus Bivona & Ted Nash,
(piano) Max Rabinowitz & Milton Raskin, (trombone) Richard Nash, (viola) Alan Harshman & Virginia Majewski,
(violin) Sam Freed Jr., Nathan Kaproff, Arthur Maebe & Lisa Minghetti.

U.S.A. LP Columbia CS 8096

1958 大海賊  The Buccaneer

Director: Anthony Quinn. / Yul Brynner, Claire Bloom, Charles Boyer, Charlton Heston.

Side ASide B
1. Prelude1. The Knife
2. Honest Dominique and2. Lovers United
 The Lady and the Pirate3. Treachery at Barataria
3. Barataria4. Battle at New Orleans
4. Mutiny5. Polka
5. Ravens Pursuit and Hanging6. Valse Tragique
6. Back to Barataria7. Out to Sea

Composed by Elmer Bernstein. Conducted by Kurt Graunke.

U.S.A. LP Decca DL 8610

1957 成功の甘き香り  Sweet Smell of Success

Director: Alexander Mackendrick. / Burt Lancaster, Tony Curtis, Susan Harrison.

Side ASide B
1. The Street (Main Title)1. Nite Spot Rock
2. Hot Dogs and Juice (Goodbye Baby)*2. Susie's Problem
3. Sidney and Susie3. Hunsecker Operates (Goodbye Baby)*
4. Hunsecker's Price4. Goodbye Baby Blues*
5. Tropical Island Mood5. The Trap Is Sprung
6. The Smear6. Love Scene (Susan - The Sage)*
7. Toots Shor's Blues7. Out of Darkness

Composed & Conducted by Elmer Bernstein.
*Music by Chico Hamilton & Fred Katz.
Orchestrations: Leo Shuken, Jack Hayes.
(alto) Ted Nash, (bassoon) Jack Marsh, (cello) Armand Kaproff, (clarinet) Mitchell Lurie, (drums) Shelly Manne,
(flute) Martin Ruderman, (oboe) Gordon Schoenberg, (piano) John Crown & Johnny Williams, (timpani) Lee Perrin,
(trombone) Lloyd Ulyate, (trumpet) Pete Candoli, (violin) David Frisina.

U.S.A. 2LP Dot DLP-3054-D

1956 十 戒  The Ten Commandments

Director: Cecil B. DeMille. / Charlton Heston, Yul Brynner, Anne Baxter, Edward G. Robinson.

LP 1 (Side 1 & Side 4)

Side 1Side 4
1. Prelude1. The Pillar of Fire
2. In the Bulrushes2. The Red Sea
3. The Bitter Life3. The Ten Commandments
4. Love and Ambition4. Go, Proclaim Liberty!

LP 2 (Side 2 & Side 3)
Side 2Side 3
1. The Hard Bondage1. Overture
2. Egyptian Dance2. Thus Says The Lord
3. The Crucible of God3. The Plagues
4. And Moses Watered Jethro's Flock4. The Exodus
5. Bedouin Dance

Composed, conducted & orchestrated by Elmer Bernstein.
Orchestrations: Lucien Cailliet, Leo Shuken, Fred Steiner
(drums, percussion) Larry Bunker, Earl Hutch, Milt Holland, Shelly Manne, Emil Richards & Jack Sperling,
(french horn) Eugene Ober, (guitar) Laurindo Almeida, (harp) Corky Hale,
(oboe) Alexander DuVoir & Bert Gassman, (theremin) Samuel Hoffman, (trumpet) Maynard Ferguson,
(violin) Louis Kaufman.

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