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John Addison (1920 - 1998)

Great Britain LP MCA MCF 2779

1976 カリブの嵐  The Scarlet Buccaneer / Swashbuckler

Director: James Goldstone. / Robert Shaw, James Earl Jones, Peter Boyle, Genevieve Bujold.

(Side 1)(Side 2)
1. Swashbuckler Main Theme1. Swashbuckler Love Theme Reprise
2. The Coach Robbery2. The Incredible Chase
3. Love Theme3. Swimming Sequence, A New Awareness
4. The Fencing Lesson; Ned and Jane4. Assault on the Fortress
5. Torture, Erotica in Waltz Time5. Derring-Do!
6. The Pickpocket Monkey6. End Title, End Cast
7. Retreat to the Ship

Composed & Conducted by John Addison. Orchestrations: Jack Hayes.

Great Britain LP RCA Victor RD-7732 * France EP RCA Victor 86.461 M

1965 モール・フランダースの愛の冒険  The Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders

Director: Terence Young. / Kim Novak, Richard Johnson, Angela Lansbury, Vittorio De Sica.

(Side 1)(Side 2)
1. Main Titles1. Lovely As She (Moll's Theme)
2. Moll Grows Up2. Catch a Highwayman If You Can
3. Never Marry a Fool3. Night of Love / Lover's Farewell
4. Dry-Eyed Widow / The Lecherous Banker4. Bad Times for Moll
5. London Scene5. Promenade at the Fayre
6. The Amorous Count / When the Cat's Away /6. Reluctant Bride, Impatient Spouse
 The Wages of Sin / Polite Society7. Thief's Disguise
7. Trouble at the Tavern / Safe and Sound /8. Caught in the Act / Vice Repented
 The Count Returns9. Love's Reward / End Titles
8. Rustic Revels
9. Storm at the Docks / Vauxhall Dance

(French EP)
(Side 1)(Side 2)
1. Lovely As She (Moll Flander's Theme)The Amorous Count / When the Cat's Away /
2. Night of Love / Lover's Farewell The Wages of Sin / Polite Society

Composed & Conducted by John Addison.

U.S.A. LP Decca DL 79155 * Great Britain LP United Artists ULP 1062

1966 引き裂かれたカーテン  Torn Curtain

Director: Alfred Hitchcock. / Paul Newman, Julie Andrews.

(Side 1)(Side 2)
1. Main Title from Torn Curtain1. π Bus Theme Variations
2. The Love Theme from Torn Curtain2. Sarah Alone*
3. Behind the Curtain*3. The Murder of Gromek
4. Introduction to π4. Michael and Sarah - Alone on the Hill*
5. Premonitions of Trouble*5. Escape on the π Bus
6. Variations on The Love Theme6. End Title Including The Love Theme
 from Torn Curtain from Torn Curtain (Green Years)

Composed & conducted by John Addison.
(2-6) Featuring The Johnny Mann Singers. Written by Jay Livingston & Ray Evans.
*Including The Love Theme from Torn Curtain.

1963 トム・ジョーンズの華麗な冒険  Tom Jones

Director: Tony Richardson. / Albert Finney, Susannah York.

(Side 1)(Side 2)
1. Main Title1. Born for Trouble
2. Love Theme from 'Tom Jones'2. Tom Strikes Again
3. Sylvan Misadventures3. Lean Days
4. Wine and Women4. I Love You, Sophie Western
5. The Grim Guardians of Justice5. Britannia Rules
6. Trying Times6. If He Swing by the String
7. The Tom Jones Strut7. The Squire Steps in
8. Ladies Are Irresistible8. End Title
9. Love Theme from 'Tom Jones' - Variations

Composed & conducted by John Addison.

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