Mr.bamboo's Film Music Gallery

1960s Gallery: 1965-1969

Japan LP Victor SHP-6054 * Japan LP Toshiba BP-8766

1969 マッケンナの黄金  Mackenna's Gold

Director: J. Lee Thompson. / Gregory Peck, Omar Sharif, Telly Savalas.

(Side 1)
1. Overture  2. Ole Turkey Buzzard (English Version)*  3. Cañon del Oro
4. Waterhole Trek  5. Rêve Parisien  6. Ole Turkey Buzzard (Instrumental)
(Side 2)
1. Soul Full of Gold  2. Main Title  3. Apache Camp  4. Massacre Montage
5. Ole Turkey Buzzard (Spanish Version)*  6. Finale

Composed & Conducted by Quincy Jones. *Vocal: José Feliciano.
Orchestrations: Jack Hayes, Leo Shuken, Leo Arnaud, Gus Levene.
Musician: Ethmer Roten (flute).

1969 ワイルド・バンチ  The Wild Bunch

Director: Sam Peckinpah. / William Holden, Ernest Borgnine, Robert Ryan, Edmond O'Brien.

(Side 1)
1. Song from "The Wild Bunch"  2. Main Title  3. Aurora mi amor
4. Assault on the Train and Escape  5. Drinking Song
(Side 2)
1. Adelita  2. Adventures on the High Road  3. Bodega el bodega de boño
4. Dirge and Finale  5. End Credits (La Golondrina)

Composed & Conducted by Jerry Fielding.

U.S.A. LP Dot DLP 25855

1968 血と怒りの河  Blue

Director: Silvio Narizzano. / Terence Stamp, Joanna Pettet, Karl Malden.

(Side 1)
1. Main Title (The River)  2. The Mexicans in the Village  3. Nocturne  4. Scherzo
5. Morning After Love
(Side 2)
1. Blue's Solitude  2. Preparation of the Villagers  3. Blue and Joanne Near the River
4. The Mexicans Are Coming  5. The Death of Blue

Composed & Conducted by Manos Hadjidakis.
Orchestrations: Leo Arnaud, Jack Hayes, Leo Shuken.
Featured Guitar by Laurindo Almeida.


1968 荒鷲の要塞  Where Eagles Dare

Director: Brian G. Hutton. / Richard Burton, Clint Eastwood, Mary Ure.

(Side 1)
1. Main Title  2. Ascent on the Cable Car  3. Pursued by the Enemy
4. The Booby Trap  5. Encounter in the Castle
(Side 2)
1. On Enemy Territory  2. Descent and Fight on the Cable Car
3. The Chase to the Airfield
4. Three Incidental Pieces from the Film: a) Beguine b) Polka c) Fox Trot

Composed & Conducted by Ron Goodwin.
Orchestration: Brian Couzens. Musician: Arthur I. Frantz (french horn).

U.S.A. LP Colgems COSO-5005

1967 007/カジノ・ロワイヤル  Casino Royale

Directors: John Huston, Ken Hughes, Val Guest, Robert Parrish, Joe McGrath. /
Peter Sellers, Ursula Andress, David Niven, Joanna Pettet, Orson Welles, Daliah Lavi, Woody Allen.

(Side 1)
1. Casino Royale Theme (Main Title)  2. The Look of Love*
3. Money Penny Goes for Broke  4. Le Chiffre's Torture of the Mind
5. Home James, Don't Spare the Horses  6. Sir James' Trip to Find Mata
(Side 2)
1. The Look of Love (Instrumental)  2. Hi There Miss Goodthighs  3. Little French Boy
4. Flying Saucer - First Stop Berlin  5. The Venerable Sir James Bond
6. Dream on James, You're Winning
7. The Big Cowboys and Indians Fight at Casino Royale; Casino Royale Theme (Reprise)

Composed & Conducted by Burt Bacharach.
"Casino Royale Theme" Played by Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass.
*Vocal: Dusty Springfield.

Italy LP RCA Italiana PSL 10420 * Japan LP Brunswick/Teichiku SDL-10283-B

1966 天地創造  La Bibbia / The Bible

Director: John Huston. / Michael Parks, Ulla Bergryd, Richard Harris, John Huston.

(Side 1)
1. Creazione di Adamo  2. Creazione di Eva  3. Caino e Abele  4. Noe'
5. Il Diluvio  6. Dopo il Diluvio
(Side 2)
1. Intermezzo  2. La Torre di Babele  3. Abramo (Scena d'amore)  4. Sodoma
5. Finale  6. Titoli

Original music by Toshiro Mayuzumi. Orchestra directed by Franco Ferrara.
Choral direction: Pietro Carapellucci.

1966 チャップリンの伯爵夫人  A Countess from Hong Kong

Director: Charles Chaplin. / Marlon Brando, Sophia Loren.

(Side 1)
1. My Star (Main Title)  2. This Is My Song  3. The Ambassador Retires
4. Crossing the Dance Floor  5. Three Ladies  6. Perdu  7. The Deb Shakes
8. Chamber Music  9. Taxi Waltz / A Countess from Hong Kong
(Side 2)
1. Change Partners  2. Bonjour Madame
3. Hudson Goes to Bed - The Ill Fitting Dress  4. The Countess Sleeps
5. Gypsy Caprice  6. A Countess from Hong Kong
7. My Star / Tango Natasha

Composed by Charles Chaplin.
Orchestral music conducted & arranged by Lambert Williamson.