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1930s-1950s Gallery

U.S.A. LP Warner Bros. WS 1306

1959 尼僧物語  The Nun's Story

Director: Fred Zinnemann. / Audrey Hepburn, Peter Finch.

(Side 1)(Side 2)
1. Prelude and Credo*1. Haircutting and Gran Coro
2. Leaving (Don Antonio Allegra)
3. The Holy Order2. Sister Eleanor**
4. Farewell3. Departure and the Congo
5. Ave Maris Stella4. Native Chant
6. I Accuse Myself*5. The New Room
7. Mother Emmanuel6. Killing of Aurelie
7. War Report
8. Last Meeting and Finale

Composed & Conducted by Franz Waxman.
*With the voices of Mother Emmanuel. **With the voice of Sister Eleanor.

U.S.A. LP TODD MT 5001

1959 ビッグ・サーカス  The Big Circus

Director: Joseph Newman. / Victor Mature, Red Buttons, Rhonda Fleming.

(Side 1)(Side 2)
1. Winter Headquarters (Big Circus)1. Another Rodeo
2. The Big Circus2. Nearer to Heaven
3. Rehearsal3. High Flying
4. A New Romance4. The Mastadon March
5. The Rodeo5. Point of No Return
6. Party Band6. Press Party
7. The Big Trek7. The Chase
8. The Firemen8. Finale (Big Circus)
9. Zack Starts the Crossing

Composed by Paul Sawtell and Bert Shefter.
"Big Circus Song" by Paul Francis Webster and Sammy Fain.
Conducted and Played by Kurt Graunke & His Symphony Orchestra of Munich.
Additional music composed by Sidney Cutner.

France EP Columbia ESDF 1306

1959 勝手にしやがれ  À bout de souffle

Director: Jean-Luc Godard. / Jean-Paul Belmondo, Jean Seberg.

(Side 1)(Side 2)
1. Duo1. Poursuite
2. La mort2. Dixieland

Music by Martial Solal.

Japan LP Victor SJET-7894 * Japan 45 Victor 20F-1005

1959 アンネの日記  The Diary of Anne Frank

Director: George Stevens. / Millie Perkins, Joseph Schildkraut, Shelley Winters.

(Japanese LP)

(Side 1)(Side 2)
1. The Diary of Anne Frank (Overture)1. Ericka
2. Families in Hiding (The Secret of Annex)2. Date with Peter
3. The First Day3. The First Kiss
4. The Captivity - Spring Is Coming4. The Dearness of You Peter
5. Epilogue: I Still Believe
 People Are Really Good at Heart

(Japanese 45)
(Side 1) - The Diary of Anne Frank  (Side 2) - Spring Is Coming

Composed & Conducted by Alfred Newman. Orchestrations: Edward B. Powell, Earle Hagen.

Japan LP Victor/Roulette RET-5019 * Japan LP Victor UAT 5003

1959 渚にて  On the Beach

Director: Stanley Kramer. / Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner, Fred Astaire, Anthony Perkins.

(Side 1)(Side 2)
1. Main Title1. The Boat Race
2. Peter and Mary2. The Mysterious Signal
3. The Desolate City3. Home Coming
4. Let's Call Moira4. Dwight's Visitor
5. Australian Summer Night5. Take the Final Step
6. I Love You
7. There's Still Time

Composed & Conducted by Ernest Gold.

1959 お熱いのがお好き  Some Like It Hot

Director: Billy Wilder. / Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon.

(Side 1)(Side 2)
1. Runnin' Wild1. I'm Thru with Love
2. Down Among the Sheltering Palms2. Sugar Blues
3. Randolph Street Rag Tell the Whole Darn World
4. I Wanna Be Loved by You3. Play It Again Charlie
5. Park Avenue Fantasy4. Sweet Georgia Brown
6. Down Among the Sheltering Palms5. By the Beautiful Sea
 La Cumparsita6. Some Like It Hot
 I Wanna Be Loved by You

Background score by Adolph Deutsch.
Vocal: Marilyn Monroe. Vocalist: Society Syncopators.
"Runnin' Wild" Music by A.H. Gibbs, Joe Grey & Leo Wood.
"I Wanna Be Loved By You" Music by Herbert Stothart & Harry Ruby. Lyrics by Bert Kalmar.
"I'm Thru With Love" Music by Fud Livingston & Matty Malneck. Lyrics by Gus Kahn.
Musical Supervisor & Conductor: Matty Malneck.
George 'Red' Callender (double bass), Gene Cipriano (tenor sax & woodwinds),
Al Hendrickson (ukulele), Barney Kessel (electric guitar), Shelly Manne (drums),
Dave Pell (tenor sax), Art Pepper (alto sax), Leroy Vinnegar (double bass), John Williams (piano).

Italy EP RCA Italiana EPA 30-346 * France EP Vogue EPL. 7.631

1959 二十四時間の情事  Hiroshima, mon amour

Director: Alain Resnais. / Emmanuelle Riva, Eiji Okada.

(Side 1)(Side 2)
1. ValzerParte seconda
2. Parte prima

Music by Giovanni Fusco. "Valzer" composed by Georges Delerue.

1959 大人は判ってくれない  Les quatre cents coups

Director: François Truffaut. / Jean-Pierre Léaud, Albert Rémy, Claire Maurier.

(Side 1)(Side 2)
1. Les quatre cents coups1. Comment voulez-vous?
2. La machine à écrire2. Balzac - Gymnastique
3. Trinité - Finale

Composed & Conducted by Jean Constantin.

France EP Philips 432-454 BE * Germany EP Philips 432 454 BE

1959 気分をだしてもう一度  Voulez-vous danser avec moi ?

Director: Michel Boisrond. / Brigitte Bardot, Henri Vidal, Dawn Addams.

(Side 1)(Side 2)
1. Thème du générique1. Cha-cha Flores
2. La licorne2. Tension Mambo
3. Janik and Jo

Music by Henri Crolla & André Hodeir.

U.S.A. LP American International AIR LP 1001-S

1959 鉄腕ゴライアス 蛮族の恐怖  Goliath and the Barbarians

Director: Carlo Campogalliani. / Steve Reeves, Chelo Alonso, Bruce Cabot.

(Side 1)(Side 2)
1. (Main Title) Goliath's March1. Ride of the Barbarians
2. (Love Theme) Landa2. Night Attack of the Stranger
3. (Noisy Village) Barbarian Games3. Love's Farewell
4. The Sacred Crown4. Rape of the Village
5. Sword Dance5. Fire Dance
6. Mountains of Mystery6. (End Title) March of Victory

Composed by Les Baxter.
Symphonia Orchestra conducted by Muir Mathieson.

France EP Versailles 90 S 252 * France EP Versailles 90 S 233

1959 掟  La loi / Where the Hot Wind Blows / The Law

Director: Jules Dassin. / Gina Lollobrigida, Marcello Mastroianni, Yves Montand.

Music by Roman Vlad. Vocal: Gina Lollobrigida.

1958 可愛い悪魔  En Cas de Malheur / Love Is My Profession

Director: Claude Autant-Lara. / Jean Gabin, Brigitte Bardot.

Music by René Cloerec.

U.S.A. LP Colpix CP 504

1958 シンバッド七回目の航海  The 7th Voyage of Sinbad

Director: Nathan Juran. / Kerwin Mathews, Kathryn Grant, Richard Eyer, Torin Thatcher.

(Side 1)(Side 2)
1. Overture1. The Roc
2. Bagdad2. The Nest
3. Sultan's Feast3. The Dragon
4. The Vase4. Transformation
5. Cobra Dance5. The Skeleton
6. The Cyclops6. The Duel with Skeleton
7. Night Magic7. The Sword
8. Tiny Princess8. The Death of Cyclops
9. Street Music9. The Cross Bow
10. The Flight10. The Death of the Dragon
11. Battle with the Cyclops11. Finale

Composed & conducted by Bernard Herrmann.

U.S.A. LP Colpix CP 502 * Italy EP Colpix EP - CP 802

1958 媚 薬  Bell, Book and Candle

Director: Richard Quine. / James Stewart, Kim Novak, Jack Lemmon, Ernie Kovacs.

(U.S.A. LP)

(Side 1)(Side 2)
1. Main Title1. I Wish I Could, etc.
2. Pyewacket-Queenie-Gil2. Shep Shook
3. Send Me Nicky3. Where's Pyewacket?
4. Way Out Calypso4. Pyewacket Returns
5. Stormy Weather Polka5. Zodiac Serenade
6. The Spell - Shep Hooked, etc.6. Zodiac Blues
7. The Herb Shop7. Only Human & End Title

(Italian EP)
(Side 1)(Side 2)
1. Way Out Calypso1. Zodiac Serenade
2. Send Me Nicky2. Zodiac Blues
3. Stormy Weather Polka

Composed & Conducted by George Duning. Orchstration: Arthur Morton.

France EP Vega V 45 P 1924 * France EP Fontana 460.565 ME

1958 ぼくの伯父さん  Mon oncle

Director: Jacques Tati. / Jacques Tati, Jean-Pierre Zola.

(Vega EP)

(Side 1)(Side 2)
1. Mon oncle1. Voitures ballet
2. Mon vieux quartier2. Adieu Mario

Music by Franck Barcellini, Georges Durban & Alain Romans.
Georges Durban et son Orchestre.

(Fontana EP)
(Side 1)(Side 2)
1. Mon oncle1. Le vieux quartier
2. Adieu Mario2. Arrangement sur les trois thèmes du film

Bande originale du film. Music by Frank Barcellini & Alain Romans.

U.S.A. LP 20th Century-Fox FOX-3011

1958 六番目の幸福  The Inn of the Sixth Happiness

Director: Mark Robson. / Ingrid Bergman, Robert Donat, Curt Jürgens.

(Side 1)(Side 2)
1. Overture1. Prelude (Prison Riot)
2. Journey to China2. In the Garden at the Inn
3. Bringing in the Mule Trains3. The Invasion
4. The Meeting of Gladys and Linnan4. The Parting (Theme Melody)
5. Jeannie Lawson Passes on5. Children's March from Yangcheng
6. This Old Men
7. Finale

Composed & Conducted by Malcolm Arnold. With the London Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

U.S.A. LP 20th Century-Fox FOX 3005

1958 自由の大地  The Roots of Heaven

Director: John Huston. / Errol Flynn, Juliette Gréco, Trevor Howard.

(Side 1)(Side 2)
1. Overture1. Elephants
2. Main Title2. Minna's Dream
3. Wild Elephant3. Ivory Poachers
4. Morel's Camp4. Elephant Hunt
5. Minna - St. Denis5. Morel's Surrender
6. Minna's Theme6. The Sandstorm
7. Jungle Clearing7. Return to Biondi
8. Finale

Composed & Conducted by Malcolm Arnold. With the London Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.
Additional music composed by Alfred Newman. Orchestrations: Edward B. Powell, Alfred Newman.

U.S.A. LP Mercury MG 20384 * U.S.A. LP United Artists UAL 40004

1958 めまい  Vertigo

Director: Alfred Hitchcock. / James Stewart, Kim Novak.

(Side 1)(Side 2)
1. Vertigo Prelude and Rooftop1. The Nightmare and Dawn
2. Madeline and Carlotta's Portrait2. Love Music
3. The Beach3. The Necklace and the Return and Finale
4. Farewell and the Tower

Composed & Orchestrated by Bernard Herrmann. Conducted by Muir Mathieson.

1958 大いなる西部  The Big Country

Director: William Wyler. / Gregory Peck, Jean Simmons, Carroll Baker, Charlton Heston.

(Side 1)(Side 2)
1. The Big Country1. Big Muddy
2. The Welcoming2. The War Party Gathers
3. Old Thunder3. McKay in Blanco Canyon
4. McKay's Triumph4. The Death of Buck Hannassey
5. The Waltz5. The Stalking
6. The Old House6. The Big Country

Composed & Conducted by Jerome Moross.
Orchestrations: Alexander Courage, Gil Grau, Bernard Mayers, Conrad Salinger.

France 10 inch LP Fontana 660.213 MR * U.S.A. LP Jubilee 2021

1957 死刑台のエレベーター  Ascenseur pour l'échafaud

Director: Louis Malle. / Jeanne Moreau, Maurice Ronet.

(Side 1)(Side 2)
1. Générique1. Diner au motel
2. L'assassinat de Carala2. Evasion de Julien
3. Sur l'autoroute3. Visite du vigile
4. Julien dans l'ascenseur4. Au bar du petit bac
5. Florence sur les Champs-Elysées5. Chez le photographe du motel

Original music by Miles Davis. Soloists:
Miles Davis (trumpet), Barney Wilen (tenor sax), René Urtreger (piano),
Pierre Michelot (bass), Kenny Clarke (drums).

1957 殺し屋ネルソン  Baby Face Nelson

Director: Don Siegel. / Mickey Rooney, Carolyn Jones, Cedric Hardwicke.

(Side 1)(Side 2)
1. Fancy FreeComposite Sound Track of
2. I'm So in Love with You* "Baby Face Nelson"
3. Danger
4. Bad Day
5. Lost Soul
6. Double Cross

Composed & Conducted by Van Alexander.
*Written by Mickey Rooney and Harold Spina.

France EP Vega V 45 P 1893 * France 10 inch LP Versailles STD 2012

1957 殿方ご免遊ばせ  Une Parisienne

Director: Michel Boisrond. / Brigitte Bardot, Charles Boyer, Henri Vidal.

(Side 1)(Side 2)
1. Paris B.B.1. Valse du roi
2. La Parisienne2. Duo du balcon

Music by Henri Crolla, André Hodeir & Hubert Rostaing
Chant: Christian Legrand. Guitar soloist: Henri Crolla.

1956 素直な悪女  Et Dieu... créa la femme / And God Created Woman

Director: Roger Vadim. / Brigitte Bardot, Curd Jûrgens, Jean-Louis Trintignant.

Music by Paul Misraki. Arrangements: Paul Misraki & Bill Byers.
Orchestra directions: Ray Ventura & Marc Lanjean.
Vocal: Solange Berry.

Japan LP Toshiba CP 7187 * Great Britain LP Brunswick LAT 8185

1956 ジャイアンツ  Giant

Director: George Stevens. / Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson, James Dean.

(Side 1)(Side 2)
1. Main Title (Giant Theme)1. Toy Trumpet March - Christmas Morning -
2. Hunt Scene Angel's Return
3. Love Theme (There's Never Been2. Romantic Interludes (Love Theme)
 Anyone Else But You)3. Jett Rink, Oil Baron
4. First Love4. Fight Scene (The Yellow Rose of Texas)
5. Road to Reata5. Home in Reata
6. Jett Rink Theme6. End Title (Eyes of Texas Are Upon You)

Composed & Coducted by Dimitri Tiomkin.
Lucien Cailliet, Manuel Emanuel, Michael Heindorf, Gus Levene, Paul Marquardt, George Parrish, Leonid Raab, Herbert Taylor.
Carl Fortina (accordion), Tommy Morgan (harmonica), Tony Mottola (guitar), Uan Rasey (trumpet).

1956 八十日間世界一周  Around the World in 80 Days

Director: Michael Anderson. / David Niven, Cantinflas, Shirley MacLaine.

(Side 1)(Side 2)
1. Around the World - Part I1. The Pagoda of Pillagi
2. Passepartout2. Temple of Dawn
3. Paris Arrival3. Prairie Sail Car
4. Sky Symphony4. Land Ho
5. (a) Invitation to a Bull Fight5. Epilogue
 (b) Entrance of the Bull March
6. India Country Side
7. Around the World Part II

Composed & Conducted by Victor Young.

Great Britain LP Brunswick LAT 8175

1956 追 想  Anastasia

Director: Anatole Litvak. / Ingrid Bergman, Yul Brynner, Helen Hayes.

(Side 1)(Side 2)
1. Anastasia - Paris: Russian Easter:1. The Meeting: Recognition
 Paris - Gaiety Bar: Self-Destruction:2. Valse
 Who Am I3. Frustration
2. The Troika4. Wildfeuer Polka
3. The Beginning5. Anastasia Waltz
4. Riberhaus Marsch: Marche de Bataille6. End Title - Anastasia
5. The Tivoli: The Sleeping Princess

Composed & Conducted by Alfred Newman. The 20th Century-Fox Orchestra.
Choral Director: Ken Darby. Orchestration: Edward B. Powell.

U.S.A. EP RCA Victor EPA-919 * Japan EP Polydor/Coral EPC-18

1956 Death of a Scoundrel

Director: Charles Martin. / George Sanders, Yvonne De Carlo.

(Side 1)(Side 2)
1. Opening Theme1. Stephanie
2. Mother, Mother2. Waltz
3. Kelly Blues

Composed & Conducted by Max Steiner.

1955 泥棒成金  To Catch a Thief

Director: Alfred Hitchcock. / Cary Grant, Grace Kelly.

(Side 1)(Side 2)
1. Francie's Theme1. Your Kiss
2. You'll Love France2. Unexpected

Composed & Conducted by Lyn Murray. Tenor Sax soloist: Georgie Auld.

U.S.A. LP MGM E3399 ST

1955 白 鳥  The Swan

Director: Charles Vidor. / Grace Kelly, Alec Guinness, Louis Joudan.

Composed by Bronislau Kaper. Orchestration: Robert Franklyn.
MGM Studio Orchestra conducted by Johnny Green.
Alex Alexander (viola), Virginia Majewski (cello), Jack Marshall (guitar),
Max Rabinowitz (piano), Uan Rasey (trumpet), Si Zentner (trombone).

U.S.A. 10 inch LP Columbia CL 6332 * U.S.A. 10 inch LP Decca DL 6007

1954 滅びゆく大草原  The Vanishing Prairie

Director: James Algar. (documentary)

(Side 1)(Side 2)
1. The Vanishing Prairie1. The Prairie Dog
2. Bird Dances2. The Coyote and the Prairie Dog
3. The Buffalo3. The Elements

Composed & Conducted by Paul Smith. With the Walt Disney Orchestra.

1950 サムソンとデリラ  Samson and Delilah

Director: Cecil B. DeMille. / Hedy Lamarr, Victor Mature, George Sanders.

(Side 1)(Side 2)
1. Samson's Call1. Blind Samson
2. Miriam and the Dance to Dagon2. The Philistine March
3. The Valley of Zorah3. Delilah's Remorse
4. The Feather Dance4. The Feast Dance
5. Delilah's Theme5. Bacchanale
6. Delilah's Harp
7. Samson and Delilah

Composed & Conducted by Victor Young. With the Paramount Symphony Orchestra.

U.S.A. 10 inch LP Decca DL 5358 * Japan LP MGM/Nippon Grammophon SMM-2004

1943 聖処女  The Song of Bernadette

Director: Henry King. / Jennifer Jones, Charles Bickford, William Eythe.

(Side 1)(Side 2)
1. Prelude1. The Miracle and the Pilgrimage to Lourdes
2. Scherzo and Pastorale2. Farewell of All Farewells (Antoine's Devotion)
 (Wood Gathering)3. Not For Me Flows the Spring
3. The Grotto (The Wild Rose Bush) (Bernadette's Affliction)
4. The Song of Bernadette (The Vision)4. You Are Now in Heaven, and on Earth,
5. The Sadness of Bernadette O Bernadette (Arise My Love)
 (Her Persecution)

Composed & Conducted by Alfred Newman. Orchestral Arrangeents: Edward B. Powell.

1939 風と共に去りぬ  Gone with the Wind

Director: Victor Fleming. / Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh.

(Side 1)(Side 2)
1. Main Title1. Reconstruction
2. Scarlett & Rhett's First Meeting2. Ashley Returns to Tara from the War Prison
3. Ashley & Scarlett3. Scarlett & Rhett Rebuild Tara
4. Mammy4. Scarlett Makes Her Demands of Rhett
5. Christmas During the War in Atlanta5. Scarlett's Fall Down the Staircase
6. Atlanta in Flames6. Bonnie's Fatal Pony Ride
7. Finale

Composed & Conducted by Max Steiner.

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